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Tenth House Productions

You work hard and take pride in your growing small business. 

You see your company's potential and understand the importance of getting your brand and product noticed, but don't know how to deliver the message in a meaningful way.

By telling your story through video, we can align your product with your customers' needs.

It's time to share the pride you take in your business with a bigger audience.

Your finished product is important and represents what you do and the pride you take in your work to potential clients.

There's an analogy to be had about packaging (wrapping a bow and a nice price tag) your work and setting it on a shelf for clients to see it and go YES - I'll take that one! 

The real question is: where is the shelf? Part of an online store, or brick and mortar? 

A lot is to be said and many opinions had about how to effectively market in a world where more and more buying decisions take place via mobile devices.

So the work at hand is all about relating to your client and setting yourself apart so your potential customers are actively looking for the content you provide and not scrolling past.

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